Tuesday, May 21, 2013

OMG I'm back

Honestly it has been forever (about 5 months but forever sounds better) since I've posted anything. I was busy with work for about 4 months and for the last month I just took a little break (aka addicted to a PS Vita game)... Well anyway, yesterday I came up with a great Idea and last night I started animating it. It's not much and I'm a little rusty because at work I was doing motion capture related stuff an not so much hand keyed animation.

I also have a couple failed attempts of a lip sync that frustrated me but i feel like I'm in a good place with this one. this has also help me remember my personal animation process (which also explained why i had so much trouble with the lip sync, I didn't know where to start and was all over the place)

Well anyways...Untill next time...When ever that is...

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