Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Moooonn (WIP)

Yes... against my good judgment I am giving a little update on a project I am currently working on. after my last YouTube video I came up with an animation idea with cows and stuff (not getting any deeper than that). So here is some work that I done towards that project.


Well this is what I have so far. I still have quite a bit to do left. Like animate and texture the set, model rig texture and animate the cows. although I summed that up in a little sentence I's a whole lot of work. well I better get to it then.
So... until next time...

Saturday, November 2, 2013

lets start up this "youtube thing" again :)

It has been at least 2 whole years... like seriously 2 full years since I've seriously sat down and made a video just for my YouTube viewers. Ya, I've posted videos I've made on my spare time/school work but nothing that that was stated from the beginning was going to be on YouTube. Up until now I've basically any comment I got about requests because I was busy with school, was moving in an animation direction oppose to a modelling one, and was simply getting bored of them (keep in mind I had done 30+ of these). a few weeks ago I got a request and thought, "let's do it". So here it is.

The Making of...Eevee

I want to continue making these so if there is a character (any character it doesn't have to be a pokemon) just put your request as a comment to this video (click the link)


I have already started on my next animation. It's a little random but.... whatever. I'm currently on the storyboarding stage, but I have my concepts done so I should be modelling in no time.

well that's all. so, until next time...