Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The next VFX assignment begins!!!!

So as some of you may or may not know I failed horribly on my last vfx assignment so I have to do it again. Hey it's a learning experience, better now while I'm still in school than later when I'm being paid for it.

This time I'm starting early (not really my style but I the an idea, a little excited and I had to get it out while i still could remember it), I got my storyboard done and some concept work started.


Panel 1: Character (most likely me) drops into the scene.
Panel 2: Character stands up and camera tilts and zooms in on the character then he powers up the glove as he says, "It's, garbage day" then starts walking .
Panel 3: Camera cuts behind the character as the character walks into the distance as he shoot plasma blasts (or what ever power comes out of his gloves, I haven't completely figured that out yet) at the garbage on the side of the road.

Glove Concept

I haven't fully finished this and it's really rough but at least I have something to start off with.

This seems some what like a lot of work but I have fewer classes this semester, so I'll have the time to learn to do the things that I don't know (like making the blasts actually look like blasts). Other than that I don't think I'll have much problems with the learning aspect which means I'll have more time to make mistakes (which always arise) and at the same time make this look really good.

I have already made started and almost finished the glove model (unfortunately Maya has been crashing on me so i gave up trying to get a picture today).

So, until next time...

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