Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hey guys, I've been real bored over the break between semesters and I am continuously adding to my gigantic list of projects to finish (as if it weren't big enough).

This time I have this video to blame. At the end of the video he says make a video involving peanuts and raisins. So I took some time to think of something and of course I had to think of an animation, But this time not in 3D. This one will be 2D (but depending on how i feel I might try to incorporate both). Well this is how I'm coming along.


(I'm still making changes thus I didn't post the end.)


(I also found out that I will have to make changes to this too.)


I matched the colours together I the two characters moved at the same time. I didn't put them on one page because I think it would be pretty confusing considering they don't really have any characteristics to set them apart at the moment.

These are peanuts poses above

Those are raisins Poses below 

I plan to use these as guides later for when I draw each frame on separate pages. I find it easier to get the feeling of the movement when it's on one page then I can play with the timing later after I've drawn out each of the frames of the main poses.

Well until next time...

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