Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5: WHC "Heavy Weight Character"

I was watching a monster coin teaser and I got motivated to draw a heavy character because I don't do them often and would really like to be able to do them easily. my style of character has been skinny or cute (I'll draw a chubby buddy tomorrow to show you a cute one) for as long as i could remember. well that's not exactly true, I use to like to draw muscular characters because i was influenced by super heroes. That was also before i started taking drawing and animation seriously so i never really looked into human anatomy, took life drawing classes (I was also to young), so i didn't know how a muscle looked like. I could sadly say I'm not still exactly good at drawing muscles off the top of my mind but i defiantly understand it now since I've been taking life drawing classes.

Any ways here goes, Day 5: WHC "Heavy Weight Character"

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